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Therapy tool of the week: mirrors!

Mirrors are one of my favorite tools for supporting speech and language skills for children of all ages.

Supporting Language Skills with Babies:

✨ Developing self awareness: when a child sees their own face in a mirror, they start to recognize their own reflection.

✨Tummy Time: using a mirror increases engagement and encourages babies to stay in the position for a longer period of time.

✨Social Skills: imitating facial expressions in the mirror.

✨ Body Part Recognition: identifying and labeling body parts in the mirror.

✨Gross Motor Skills: encourages babies to crawl, roll, sit up, or even stand to get closer to reflection in the mirror.

👉🏼Fun Tip: Try putting a long mirror horizontal against a wall or even a crib! This is so fun for the little ones to explore during mirror play!!

Supporting Language Skills with Older Children:

✨Spatial Concepts: work on spatial concepts by hiding items in front/behind/next to the mirror.

✨Vocabulary: play “I Spy” in the mirror to work on increasing vocabulary.

✨Speech Articulation: practice target speech sounds in a mirror.

✨Social skills: match that feeling game to work on imitating facial expressions and labeling those emotions.

Comment with your favorite activities you do when using a mirror ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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