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Bubbles! - Summer Fun with UpWord Speech Therapy


And that’s a wrap!! What an amazing past 6 weeks with our Talky Toddlers and Babbling Babes!

Today we ended our six weeks with a fan favorite…BUBBLES! Of course we had so much fun and excitement that I forgot to get pictures of our babbling babes today.

First, we started our Talky Toddlers group and right before reading our book it started to DOWNPOUR! We moved into a covered area in the park to finish our group. The rain didn’t stop the fun though!

Both groups discussed all the different ways to support speech and language development using bubbles, such as making requests, sign language, eye contact, identifying body parts, etc. We read books about bubbles, painted bubbles using bubble wrap, and ended with our parachute. I think everyone loved incorporating bubbles along with the parachute today!

I have absolutely loved running these groups this summer. I am going to miss all the little ones and also being able to connect with other parents with children around the same age.

Today's concept of the day:

How To Use Bubbles To Promote Communication

  • Eye Contact: watch for anticipation of blowing bubbles and wait for eye contact before blowing bubbles

  • Joint Attention: blow bubbles for your little one to see and as the bubbles fall, point to each bubble and say, "Look!" Try to direct your child's eyes to the bubble you are pointing at.

  • Make Requests: requests may be "more", "open", "help", "please", etc. Try screwing the lid on tight and give your child the bubbles. Wait to see what they do! If they hand you the bubbles back, this is them requesting for help. Encourage verbal requests when appropriate or your child may use gestural requests/signs

  • Sign Language: signs for open, more, help, again, mine, all done, etc. Model signs for your child during interaction while pairing the sign with the verbal word.

  • Turn Taking: my turn/your turn; basic turn taking routines teach kids the skills for conversational turn taking.

  • Labeling Body Parts: blowing bubbles on your child's legs, feet, hair, ears, etc. Makes learning body parts fun!

  • Expansion: If your child is labeling "bubbles", go ahead and model additional words to work on expansion (i.e. "Bubbles up!" or "More bubbles!")

  • Vocabulary: introducing more vocabulary (i.e. up, down, bubbles, open, close, wet, sticky, etc.)

  • Speech Articulation: /m/ for "more", /b/ for "bubbles", /p/ for "pop", vowel sounds "uh oh", "oh no", "weee!", etc.

  • Imitation: give your child the opportunity to imitate you, such as trying to pop the bubbles, make sounds, say "pop", etc.

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