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Self-Talk & Parallel Talk

How to Promote Speech and Language Skills with Toddlers!!

Tip #1: Self-talk and parallel talk

There are several different strategies you can use to support your child’s language development.

One easy and extremely effective strategy is the use of self-talk and parallel talk….basically just narrating everything you are doing and your child is doing!!

So when can you begin incorporating this strategy into your every day life?

You can start using this strategy from DAY ONE!!


👉🏼”You are blowing bubbles! Look! Bubbles go up high.”

👉🏼”I am popping the bubbles! Pop pop pop!”

😉 My favorite thing to do with this strategy…sing what my child/I am doing! Singing is another great strategy to use and this combines two strategies together to make it even more effective.

👉🏼For example, you may sing (to the tune of The Wheels on the Bus):“Charley’s jumping up and down up and down up and down, Charley’s jumping up and down, all day long!”

By talking to your little one and narrating what they are doing throughout their day, you are exposing them to new vocabulary and providing a language-rich environment 🙌🏼

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