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Let's Talk About Dirty/Clean! - Summer Fun with UpWord Speech Therapy


All of our Talky Toddlers and Babbling Babes had so much fun today!!! We learned all about dirty vs. clean, putting animals in “mud” and washing them off. Our older group discussed the importance of commenting/labeling to support language development, while the younger group discussed promoting language while reading books. One thing we all learned today: how exciting and entertaining squirt bottles could be 🤣

Today's concept of the day:

Commenting and Labeling

Talk about what you/your child are doing, seeing, eating, touching, or even thinking

1. Name your child's toys as he/she is playing with them

  • "Bubbles, you are popping bubbles!"

2. Describe your child's actions - be the "narrator" for your child's actions

  • When your child is playing ball, say, "Playing ball!" or "Ball bouncing up!"

3. Label colors, shapes, sizes, other descriptors (i.e. big/small, up/down, open/close, warm/cold, loud/quiet, etc.)

  • When playing with blocks, you can comment, "A tall tower" or "Block go on top" or "Oh no, fall down!"

4. Talk about daily routines - diapering, meals, clean-up, etc.

  • Naming body parts during diaper changes

  • Talk about what your child is doing during transitions, such as, "You are ready for a nap" or "Yay, you put away all your toys!"

5. Comment on what you see/hear

  • When on a walk you may say, "I hear the birds" or point up and say, "I see the airplane, up in the sky!"

Why are Commenting and Labeling Important?

  • Provides opportunity for your child to hear how we talk or sign about our actions and surroundings.

  • Teaches children correct labels for their actions/objects.

  • When children hear words, see how to communicate their wants and needs, and watch others gesture, they are more likely to use gestures and words to communicate.

  • Commenting and labeling provides children with new words to help them communicate their thoughts and ideas.

Today's concept of the day:

Promoting Language with Books

How To Promote Language While Reading With Your Child:

1. Be engaging!!

  • Show enthusiasm by using fun voices or getting into character; this will help capture your child's attention and make reading fun!

2. Follow your child's lead

  • No need to read a book start to finish or read every single word. If your child likes a certain page/picture, stay there and build on that moment!

3. Choose books with rhymes or songs

  • Supports early literacy skills and teaches children how language works

  • When children are familiar with a nursery rhyme/book, they learn to anticipate rhyming words; prepares them to make predictions

  • Fill in the blank:

    • "Twinkle twinkle little _____. How I wonder what you _____?"

    • "Old McDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-_____!"

4. Point to pictures and talk about them

  • Point to objects as you name them to help associate that word with the object; Ask your child to point to pictures - "Where's the monkey?"

  • "Look at the lion! He is roaring!"

  • Make animal sounds and encourage your child to imitate

5. Feel textures

  • When reading touch and feel books, talk about how the different textures feel. Use words like "soft", "rough", "long", "fluffy", etc.


  • Reading to your child often will build his/her vocabulary


Already counting down the days until our next group 🤗

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