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Colors! - Summer Fun with UpWord Speech Therapy


We had beautiful weather to make up for our rained out group last week!! Week two was all about COLORS!! 🌈 🌈 🌈

Today with Talky Toddlers we danced around with rainbow colored scarves and read the book, “Pete the Cat, I Love My White Shoes.” We then created our own “Pete the Cat” shoes with markers and paint dot markers, stringing our shoe laces in as a final touch! We couldn’t end our group without doing a quick parachute song 🤗

Today's concept of the day:

Promoting Language with Books

How To Promote Language While Reading With Your Child:

  • Be engaging!!

    • Show enthusiasm by using fun voices or getting into character; this will help capture your child's attention and make reading fun!

  • Follow your child's lead

    • No need to read a book start to finish or read every single word. If your child likes a certain page/picture, stay there and build on that moment!

  • Choose books with rhymes or songs

    • Supports early literacy skills and teaches children how language works

    • When children are familiar with a nursery rhyme/book, they learn to anticipate rhyming words; prepares them to make predictions

    • Fill in the blank:

      • "Twinkle twinkle little _____. How I wonder what you _____?"

        • "Old McDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-_____!"

  • Point to pictures and talk about them

    • "Look at the lion! He is roaring!"

    • Ask your child to point to pictures - "Where's the monkey?"

  • Talk about event's in your child's life that relate to the story

    • Are you about to go to the zoo? Pull out ALL of your zoo books!

    • "llama is wearing red pajamas! You are wearing red pajamas too!"


    • Reading to your child often will build his/her vocabulary

    • READ, READ, READ!!

Our Babbling Babes group read a book about a rainbow, finding the colors of ours scarves in the book. We played many fun games with our rainbow scarves, pretending they were spiders crawling around the floor, our legs, toes, necks, arms, etc. The group then painted in bags, staying mess-free while engaging in sensory play 🤗. Last but certainly not least, we ended with our favorite parachute songs!

Today's concept of the day:

Parallel Talk and Self-Talk


  • Talk about what you are doing, seeing, eating, touching, or even thinking when your child is present

  • Narrate your actions.

    • "I am changing your diaper. Can't forget to wipe! All done!"

    • "We are walking. I see a doggie. I hear birds."

Parallel Talk:

  • Talk about what your child is doing, seeing,

eating, or touching

  • Narrate what your child is doing

    • "You are banging the balls!"

    • "You are building a tower."

    • "Oh no! Your tower fell down."

Three Things to remember with self talk and parallel talk:

  • The goal is not for your child to imitate what you are saying. These techniques are used rather to expose your child to language during play and daily routines.

  • Use language that is age appropriate - use simple and fewer words rather than long sentences ("washing dishes", "drying dishes", "all done").

  • Follow your child's lead: instead of diverting your child's attention to something you are doing, talk about what your child is showing interest in or is currently doing! Children learn best when we follow their lead and interests.

I cannot wait for our group next week!!!

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