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ABOUT UpWord Speech Therapy LLC

Exceeding Expectations One Client at a Time

UpWord Speech Therapy LLC is a privately owned practice specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of speech and language disorders in children ages birth to 21 years. UpWord Speech Therapy is committed to providing quality, evidence based, and family centered speech and language therapy services to meet each individualized child’s needs.


UpWord Speech Therapy provides engaging and innovative speech and language therapy services in Indianapolis, IN and the surrounding area.

Abbie Lande, speech language pathologist and owner, established UpWord Speech Therapy with the hopes of helping children in need of services and parents in need of a support system within the community. 


Abbie creates highly individualized treatment plans for all clients. She excels at not only providing exceptional services to each and every child in need, but also strives to strengthen your relationship with your child through communication.



UpWord Speech Therapy provides individualized pediatric speech and language therapy services, forming dynamic assessments and treatment plans specifically tailored to each individual patient. Please select "More Services" below to obtain additional information on the process of seeking speech and language therapy services. 



"Working with Abbie has changed our lives!!! Not only is she incredibly patient and positive with my son but, she also takes the time to check in with me, reassure me and help ease an emotional and sometimes stressful aspect of parenting. It’s not easy as a mom to feel like your child is struggling but, Abbie’s positive attitude, endless patience and natural talent at what she does reassures me that my kid is in the best of hands! My son has made huge strides in the last year working with Abbie, who managed to keep him (mostly) engaged and entertained even during virtual appointments. I can’t say enough about our experience with Abbie and how grateful we are to her for helping our boy find his voice!"

"Abbie is incredibly patient, and loving. She understood exactly what my sons needs were, and then used his strengths to help him. After our summer sessions, Harold is more verbal than ever! Abbie got him speaking 3 word sentences, and she did it so he wanted to, instead of feeling like he had to. Truly Abbie was a blessing in our lives this past summer."


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