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All About Balls! - Summer Fun with UpWord Speech Therapy


Today marked the first day of the summer group! It was so much fun meeting so many Talky Toddlers and Babbling Babes today.

Today was all about balls!! We read a book about balls, made balls pop in a parachute, and even painted with balls.

Each week we talk about “The Concept of the Day" where I provide ideas on how to encourage speech and language development using various strategies and techniques.

Today's concept of the day:

Communication Temptations and Expanding Utterances

Communication Temptations: Manipulating the situation to encourage your child to communicate.


  • Only give your child a few pieces of their snack and wait for them to communicate for more.

  • Play with a toy your child has to request for help (i.e. wind up toys; bubbles with lid closed tight, etc.)

  • Put your child's favorite toy in a container they cannot open themselves. Hand them the container and simply WAIT! Give them time to communicate what they want.

  • Turn on fun music and dance! Then turn it off and wait for your child to signal for you to turn it back on

  • Go on the slide or swing - wait for your child to signal wanting to go!

Expanding Utterances: wait until your child says something on their own and then repeat it back while adding one word.


If your child says “ball” while trying to reach for the ball, you would repeat back, "my ball" or "ball please" or "want ball."

  • It does not matter what language you add - you can even add different words each time! Provide your child with several models so he/she can hear many different ways on how to expand on what they have already said.

I cannot wait to see everyone again for next weeks group about colors 🌈🌈🌈

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